July 15, 2002
The Christian Science Monitor
“Little people behind big films”

“I enjoy actors,” she says. “ I appreciate that they put themselves out there, expose themselves emotionally to create their art. My job is to support them and to enable them to do the best job they can, so that they feel so completely comfortable about the clothes they’re in that they forget about them,” she says. “I feel that if I have done that, then I have done my job.” For her, the artistic payoff comes at the moment when an actor first arrives at the wardrobe department to see the clothes that have been selected to help him or her define a character. “The real joy comes when an actor says, “Now I know who my character is.” she says. “It’s really exciting when that happens, because then you can really see the contribution that you’ve made.”


July 19, 2007
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
“Her clothes are fit for a king”

Ms. Froehlich loves the variety of her job. “I feel like I’m a story-teller and I create characters through costume design.”


Rubicon Theater
“Trio of Designers: A Gallery Exhibit of Theatrical Design”

Ovation Awards, 2008


Last Train to Nibroc
Crimes of the Heart